How To Select A Good Domain Name: 4 Tips That Will Help You Decide

how to select a good domain name

How To Select A Good Domain Name?

Why Your Domain Name Matters?

How To Select A Good Domain Name

Your domain name is as much a part of your brand as your business name or logo. Even if you’ve nailed your branding in every other respect, if there’s something about your domain name that puts potential customers off, they’ll likely go elsewhere.

The opposite is also true. If your web address is accurate and as fun to say as it is to use, people will be eager to check it out and share it. First impressions matter, and sometimes your domain is the initial experience people will have of your brand.

It’s also not easy to change your domain name after your site is online. You can do it, but it can be time-consuming and does have consequences. It can lead to a loss of traffic and unnecessary downtime. In other words, life will be a lot easier if you take your time now and come up with a name you love.

Why your domain name matters

What It Means to Have a good domain name

How To Select A Good Domain Name

Before I start talking about why a domain name is important, let’s get one thing straight: It doesn’t matter much what your domain name is. I know, I know, it’s a scary thought. But you’ll see why it doesn’t matter very much in a bit.

You do want to have something that you can be proud of. Something that is both easy to say and clickable. Something that is easy to remember. If you’re a writer, you probably want something that’s easy to write out. If you’re a graphic designer, something that is easy to edit and to put together with others.

By the way, I’m a writer and I’m still looking for a domain name that really expresses what I do. Unfortunately, I’m not terribly good at that sort of thing myself. But I’m working on it.

What to consider before choosing a domain name

Once you’ve picked your domain name and created a website, it’s time to implement it. The biggest mistake many people make is just using the title that’s stuck in their head. There are a few ways to create a memorable domain name.

How To Select A Good Domain Name

First, you can use a name that means something to you. You can also come up with a funny one that you can use to complement your brand image. Don’t let the domain name be a slave to its relationship with your brand, though. Here are some good ways to make sure you get the name right.

How to choose a good domain name

There are several strategies to choosing a domain name. The first is choosing from the keywords you’ll be using in your marketing. The next is remembering that your domain name should be memorable to search engines, as well.

How to choose a domain name

Luckily, there are many different approaches you can take to choosing a good domain name. Let’s look at some examples.

One word domains

One of the most popular ways to go, the one you’ll often find on smaller sites, is to use a single word as your domain name. Using the phrase “MyYOuTube” or “PrivateYOuTube” for example would create a memorable and engaging first impression.

Why Choose a One Word Domain Name?

Not only will you be able to use the name often (it will likely be your entire domain), it also stands out from your competition. If you’re running a domain auction or have a domain name finder tool, you can easily find examples of other companies with the same word as your domain.

Final thoughts and conclusion

Names are just words. People are not rational creatures. They can connect to what they relate to most. If your name makes sense and relates to your business, your audience, and your products, you’re on the right track. If not, start with a shortlist of possible alternatives.

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