How to Generate Leads for Real Estate Business in India

How to Generate Leads for Real Estate Business in India

How to generate leads for your real estate business: Generating leads for real estate business is very important. You need to get the right leads to your clients. You should also make sure that you are getting the right leads. This is because if you do not get the right leads, then you may lose money. So, you must ensure that you are getting the best leads.

As a real estate agent, you can have a lot of problems after a pandemic situation and your business will go bankrupt. But do you think that by implementing online marketing strategies in your business, you can gain a lot of potential customers as well as conversations?

This question is the most common question in the real estate business. I know how difficult it is for you to make quality leads and close them for paying customers. But if you follow my lead generation strategies, you can generate a lot of quality leads and increase your monthly sales and revenue.

In this blog, I will teach you the exact strategy I follow to generate more quality leads for my clients.

I know that generating leads is the hardest part of this business. But the real estate business is a top product. It’s a numbers game if you have more leads than you need to succeed in real estate.

Almost 90% of agents spend time searching for client appointments, browsing lists, and sending e-mails. It is important that you devote your time to marketing.

Your skill set is not limited to selling your property, your ability to generate leads for your property is even more important to your success in this competitive real estate business. Just follow these methods and grow your real estate business.

How to generate leads for real estate business

  1. Online portal
  2. Google My Business
  3. Pay per click
  4. Facebook ads
  5. Content marketing for social media
  6. Website
  7. Email marketing

Online portal

Almost 80% of real estate agencies use real estate portals to generate potential customers for real estate. Because these portals are very popular for first time home buyers. These portals connect buyers and sellers on one platform.

Online real estate portals sell advertising packages to agents and developers, so buyers and sellers have the same platform for buying and selling our real estate.

Famous online portal in India

99 acres

Magic bricks

common floor

No broker

Google my business (local SEO)

Google states that 46% of searches are based on local intent. However, if they know this information, real estate owners will not benefit from Google on my free trading platform. My business on Google is the best way to expand my local presence.

If your business is locally based and you want a local prospect for real estate, then you can’t miss the free and most efficient google for generating leads on my trading platforms. How do I create leaders for the real estate industry in India? Focus on hipper local marketing. from YouTube

As you can create potential customers for the real estate business in India, then YouTube is your platform for success. In real estate, the competition is very high, there are 10 fewer real estate agents in India, but YouTube is still a blue sea. You can start attracting potential customers by uploading videos to YouTube. YouTube is the best strategy for incoming real estate leads. YouTube also helps build your reputation with your customers. Just create a YouTube channel and start posting videos about your property by tagging local keywords. As YouTube is the 2nd best search engine, you will start to gain a potential customer at any moment.

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Google Ads (pay-per-click)

Ranking your site on Google is a difficult task. If your keyword is highly competitive, it will take months for it to appear on the first page.

 Just target the right type of keyword with a high commercial purpose. When you place your ad on Google, you start to get results immediately.

Advantages of PPC

  • Shows your ad to buyers
  • PPC is a direct evaluation process
  • Track your result immediately
  • Create potential customers of the highest quality.

Facebook ads

If you are wondering how to make Facebook irreplaceable leaders, I will tell you the right strategy. Facebook is the most affordable way to generate leads from an advertising campaign. If you have a limited advertising budget, then Facebook ads should be your first option. How to get leads from Facebook Compared to Google ads, it’s cheaper to make leads. how to get leads from facebook, create ads on facebook for new leads and know your target customers.

Steps for running ads on Facebook

  • Create your business page
  • Create an Facebook Ad Manager account
  • Install a pixel on your site
  • Create an ad campaign with lots of graphics and videos
  • Target a local audience
  • Optimize your ads for the best return on investment

Still thinking about how you can generate leads from Facebook for real estate, please read my entire article on generating leads on Facebook for real estate. If you really want to know how to get potential customers in India, you need to read this blog. The blog will also guide you through how to create Facebook real estate agencies

Content marketing for social media

When you upload content to social media for your target customer, you will not only start gaining potential customers, but you will gain loyal followers for your real estate business. Create consistent content that adds value to your customer, provides information to new home buyers, and ultimately begins to trust your potential customer. How to create real estate leads on LinkedIn Just follow the right content marketing strategy and you will also start creating LinkedIn leads.


In this modern world, you can’t afford to tailor a new approach to your real estate business. You are not available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but you can be on your website. Your website is your online store. You can show all your assets to customers online.

Website Benefits

  • Builds a strong web presence
  • It seems like a brand to you
  • Provide information about your property
  • Create more leads
  • It provides all the information about you and your business
  • Available 24/7 even without office hours

How to use your site to gain potential customers for real estate

  • Create a website that will display your property
  • Optimize your site for local keywords
  • Write a valuable blog for your potential customer
  • Place the right SEO techniques on and off the page.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to reach current and future customers. This can be the cheapest way to reach your real estate audience. You can reach millions of people on your social networks with a value of only 1/4. With email marketing, you can achieve many goals, such as market awareness, relationship building, increased sales, and customer loyalty. That’s why email marketing is so crucial to the real estate business

In conclusion

IF you want to grow your real estate business in this competitive market and keep thinking about how to gain potential real estate customers in India, this blog will prove to be a great help.

Adapt this lead generation strategy to your real estate business. Real estate is a numbers game, if you have more potential customers, you can easily control your brand. Your income is based exactly on your sales, so you should use these new management techniques in your business.

I hope this blog adds value to your life. In the coming days, I will be writing a better blog like this, so come back and leave a comment if you get value on this blog.

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